Thursday, December 25, 2008



I never knew a day could be sooooo wonderful! EVERYTHING was extra special. SANTA CAME!

We had special breakfasts and then we got to open our Christmas Socks that were all full of neat stuff.

I got special chew toys and snacks and a neat little ball... which I'm not sure really what it does, but it's purple and sparkly and neat anyway!

And then we opened presents under the christmas tree. I got more toys and treats! And I really surprised Papi D and Papi S cause Santa helped me out big time! I really wanted to show them just how happy I was and how much I loved everything they had done for me already, so I got them some movies we can all watch on the big red couch. ANd we can even sing along to one of them cause Santa made sure we got them Mamma Mia... which they both really loved!

And as if the day could not get any better, we had company! Uncle Jason and Uncle Franko came over for a big dinner. And I got to play with them a bit and then we all hung out on the big red couch and they played video games and I just watched, mostly on Papi S's lap... I couldn't play because they say you need to have thumbs... whatever they are!

...but whatever... it was the bestest day EVER!

Merry Christmas!
Joyeux Noël!
¡Feliz Navidad!

Christmas Eve

This has been a really hard week! I'm trying to get used to everything and there's so much! There's rules I need to follow... no crying at night (which is really hard for me), doing my business on the pads, trying not to be under people's feet (but for me way down here, I don't know where else to be!), and the hardest of all... being alone during the day while Papi D and Papi S are at work.

But today was a bit easier because Papi D came home a few hours earlier and we just hung out together on the big red couch. He said it was a special day because Santa would be coming tonight to leave presents for all the good humans. He said that Santa would also leave me presents if I was good too, which I think I am, and he seemed to agree cause he said I was doing really great this week. That's good to hear.

And then the day got even better cause Papi S. came home an hour early as well! We all had a little fun time on the big red couch and then we hung our socks by the fire place.

Well it's a little weird cause I don't wear socks for real, but they had one for me, and they say if I go to bed early tonight and am really good, then there will be fun stuff in it by morning, cause Santa will visit during the night...

You don't have to tell me twice... good night!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

On Foot Patrol

Papi D. is very particular about his feet, so I make sure and protect them from any bad guys!

Nothing bad is gonna happen to Papi' D's feet on my watch!

Photo Ops

So after breakfast and the Papis finished tidying up around the house from the party, we took some pics so they could send them to friends and family to introduce me.

This is me and Papi D. in front of the Christmas Tree.

Me and Papi D. on the big red couch.

Me and Papi S. (we have matching fur!)

And one more of me and Papi S. He said for a small dog I sure take a lot of space on his lap... which I don't mind cause whatever, it's warm! :-)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Party Time. Excellent.

So yesterday Papi S. and Papi D. had their annual Christmas Party. And this was my FIRST EVER party, Christmas or otherwise! It was neat!

But before the party there was a lot of work to be done! Papi S. woke me up at 7:00 am and he just cuddled first for 30 minutes or so. That was just fine by me.. I love cuddling with him... he's SO WARM! Then we had breakfast... well I did, Papi S. waited for Papi D. to wake up and then they had theirs.

Then, there was cleaning and work to be done, and for the first time ever, they left me alone in 'my room' They had to go but lots of food, and this stuff they called 'booze' which seemed VERY important for the party. But even though I was sad that they left, they said they would not be long. So I pretty much was sad for a few minutes, and yes I cried, but then I was calmer and I took a nap (but not before being a good boy and going #1 on my puppy pad - they really seem happy about that... weird, but then hey, they're only human) and before I knew it they were home.

I spent the next couple of hours in the kitchen with my Papis as they got things ready for the party. Work Work Work. They did an awful lot!

Then before you knew it, the door bell rang, and rang and rang and rang... and before you knew it I was the STAR OF THE PARTY! EVERYBODY wanted to see me, and hold me and play with me. I've NEVER seen so many people in my life! There was Papi S. and Papi D. and Uncle Franko and Uncle Jason they helped bring me home yesterday. Then there was also Uncles: Marty, Adam, Francis (who brought me some YUMMY chew treats! thank you TonTon Francis!) and Kenny, Richard, John, Paddy (who looked a LOT like Santa... I'm pretty sure it is him too cause he has a belly that big and shakes like a bowl full of jelly!), Ronnie, Graham and Tony. Uncle Tony was almost as small as me and Papi D! heh! He said he loved me and took his picture with me and everything! He said he wants to have a little puppy too! so Me and Papi S. are gonna work on Uncle Graham... I know we can do it!

The party went on all late and after a few people had gone home I was allowed to walk all around without being too afraid of being stepped on by mistake... but anyway I was sticking close to Papi S cause he's always warm and I LOVE warm! But it was soooooo late I was falling asleep... And I don't remember when it happened but they must have carried me to bed because the next thing I knew I was in my bed in 'my room' and all was quiet... and then before I knew it... Papi S. was coming to get me again this morning...

WOW! humans really know how to have a good time, and especially how to make me feel like it's all cause of me! :-) And best of all I have so many new friends and Uncles! Life is pretty amazing. I'm so happy I could just pee! (I must remember to do it on my puppy pads!)

I'm movin' on up...

Tonight Mr. Ellis, I mean Papi S. came to see me again at the shelter, only this time it was different. Tonight when he left, I went with him!

First though he let me play with Presley and Biter and Poindexter. Then after a while he picked me up, wrapped me in a blanked to keep me warm and put me in a special crate, then two men named Mr. Jason and Mr. Franko came in as well and we left the shelter!

Brrrrrrrr! It was really cold out, but it was ok I had THREE blankets! All for me! I didn't have to share or nothing! We got in a car and Mr. Franko drove us all through the city. It was amazing! Everything was white and sparkly.

After a short while we stoped and then I was carried up and up and up and up and up. So many stairs! (I'm sure once the weather is warmer outside I'll be getting a lot of exercise just coming in and out!)

Then Papi S. say the most amazing thing ever... "Welcome home, Santiago" I have a home and two papis and a name! I never had any of that at the scary place I used to live. And it was all decorated for Christmas. It was very amazing and very very pretty.

Papi S. took me to my 'room' and he showed me where everything was... bed all soft and fuzzy and warm. Some toys (although I'm really not sure what they are for yet, but he said they are all mine!) and food and water and a place for me to do my duties inside so I won't be cold in the ice and snow!

But I didn't really care about any of that I just wanted to sit on Papi S's lap and have him pet me. We stayed like that for two hours. I never felt so safe and warm before.

Then I looked up at him and I know he knew what I was thinking and he said that Papi D. would be home soon from his work and we'd all be together. I couldn't wait!

Soon Papi S let showed me around some more and he let me look and sniff and look and sniff and look and sniff all over the place. It's so big our home. It seems bigger than the whole world, at least the one I used to know.

Then he took me to the biggest nicest bed ever... he called it a couch, and picked me up and put me on a blanket. HE said that was MY blanket and I could stay up here as much as I like so long as I stay on it... so I will always try my best! But he knew I wanted something nicer and so he let me climb up on his lap and I curled up and fell asleep... and I think soon after he fell asleep too! hehe

Then later we both awoke to some noise, it was Papi D.! He was home now too! We all just sat on the couch and hugged and it was very nice.

But so much excitement is a lot for me and soon I needed to go to bed. Did I tell you I have my own bed? I do! See!

I can't wait for tomorrow ...Papi S and Papi D said we're going to have a party!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Visit.

Mr. Ellis came to visit me again today!

He's really nice and REALLY WARM! You wouldn't believe it! I promise you!

He came straight to my cage when he arrived and held me in his arms for over an hour. He said that he, along with M. Buisine would like to take me home with them! ME! Go home live with them! How amazing.

Mr. Ellis said he'd like to take me home tonight but that they need to get some things first. Some food. Dishes. A bed. I'm going to have a bed! All for myself!

I really really want to go home with them tonight, but he says in a couple of days I will, I just have to be patient. It's hard, but I'm gonna try... He said good night and said he'd be back soon.

WOW! I didn't know soon would be so fast! He was back in the room in 10 minutes! He said he couldn't leave me just yet, he wanted to spend a few more minutes with me. He's really nice.

He took a couple pictures of me in my cage and talked to me until I started to get a little sleepy. So I curled up in my basket and he said soon I'd have a soft bed all to my self at their place. I'm already so happy!

I know what I'm going to dream of tonight!

See you soon Mr. Ellis, M. Buisine.

Monday, December 15, 2008

More visitors!

I can't believe what is happening to me!

I just had another special visit. Tonight it was these two guys... Mr. Ellis and M. Buisine. I don't know how they know about me, but I think that nice lady Nat had something to do with it yesterday.

M. Buisine came to see me first. And he picked me up like he had come to see me and nopuppy else. WOW! Did that ever feel great. I know I seemed like I was scared and I didn't more around much, or play, but I've never had so much attention before, I don't know how to accept it. No one is mean they just want to be nice. He just held me and rubbed my head and back and talked really nice to me.

Then about 15 minutes later Mr. Ellis arrived. He came right over to M. Buisine and me and started to pet me and talk to me too!

After a few minutes Mr. Ellis held me and when he sat down on a chair I just curled up in his arms and let him rub and pet me. He was so warm! He's like a heater for puppies!

They stayed with me for over 90 minutes. Taking turns holding me and petting me and talking to me. And for a little they let me down on the floor so I could visit my friends.

But then they had to go. They seemed to be talking to each other a lot about me and I didn't understand most of it, but they seem to like me. I hope they do, because I really like them!

Before they left they said they'd like to see me again. I can't wait! I hope they come back again really soon!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

New friends.

I've been at the SPCA now for a couple days. And there are many friendly and kind people there. They love us and feed us, and hold and hug us. I cry happy tears because of them.

Today a nice pair of humans came to visit all of us. Their names are Nat and Scott.

Scott is a super cool guy, in a geeky sorta way... who I know will be my friend for a long long time. I think he wanted to take me home with him. That's so amazing... a few days ago I lived in a cage and thought that would be my whole life, but now I know that is not true.

Nat is a pretty lady. I think she likes me too. But she said to Scott that I couldn't go live with them. Not because she doesn't like me, because I know she does, but because she already has two little chihuahuas of her own... and that's a lot of dog, no matter what our size!

But even thought I wasn't going to live with them, they stayed and helped me (and some of my friends too) They played with us and held us, and laughed and smiled. It was a super nice visit.

Later Nat was speaking to a really nice lady at the Shelter called Kristina. I know they were talking about me but I don't know why. I hope it's good.
And I hope I see them again.

Friday, December 12, 2008

And so it began...

I was born into slavery in the month of June 2007, in a Puppy Mill north of Montréal. I was used as a stud, and while that might sound like a rather great life; it wasn't. It was a scary, painful, dark and terrifying life. I have night mares about it. Myself and nearly a hundred other dogs, some my own family lived in the most horrible conditions. The smells were poisonous, the sounds would chill you to the core and we were all under-fed, poorly treated and lived in communal cages where you had to fight to get to the food that was given, when it was given at all. Some of my neighbours are blind because of the noxious level of that place; others have burns on their legs and pads of their feet from living in their own urine and feces. I know it sounds too horrible to be true, but sadly it is true. I still shake when I think about it.

But on December 12th, our dismal and tormented lives began to change, and for the better. For on this day we were emancipated from this prison by the good people at the SPCA of Montréal.

We were taken from that hell on Earth and housed temporarily in a warm building where we were all bathed and fed, and given food and water and blankets. Where loving people held us to calm our fears. We were so afraid, and still unsure as to what would happen to us. Some of us very sick and needing immediate medical attention if we were to survive at all.

By the end of the day, we already knew that this was the day of our salvation, that we would survive and we could be happy.

I know it's hard, but you need to watch this video. It's where we came from...

It's so very important that you understand that as the laws are now in this country, especially Québec, this can and will continue to happen... unless you help make a change.

What can you do? Go to this page at Mix 96's website. A very wonderful lady named Nat Lauzon will tell you what you CAN do. (More about Nat later).

Don't feel sad for me, as you'll soon see, I have more happy stories to tell you than sad ones. So thank you for coming to my Blog and I hope you'll return many many times.

Muchos Gracias.
Te amo todos.