Saturday, September 5, 2009

Footballs and Wolves and Squirrels... OH MY!

Yesterday Papi S. took me out for a loooooong walk. We went way way way up the street to Pack Lafontaine! It's HUGE! I mean REALY REALLY HUGE!

We walked around a bit, and even past a Doggie Park, but it was full of big dumb looking dogs and I really could not have bothered. All cave Dogs if you ask me... digging in dirt and chewing on dear tree limbs... barbaric!

So we went over to a nice shady spot and sat down to watch some guys play this thing called 'football' It's funny cause it seems a lot like the way I play 'fetch' with the Papis... You throw a thing... Papi said it was a ball... but he doesn't know ... balls are round! The someone else catches and runs with it and then is chased by someone else trying to get it back to throw again... heh! That is sooo what I do! I run with my toy and make them come and get it from me! hehehe

Papi said I'm kind of related to the humans playing the game because they are called Les Loups, which is french for The Wolves... and well dogs are related to wolves... So I guess it makes sense they like to play like I do!

And every once in a while these weird fluffy things Papi calls Squirrels would come over to visit us, but every time I went to say hello, they would run away. Squirrels are just stupid I think!

We kept watching the game, til it was over then we went to say hello to the Wolves. Papi S knows one of them and met some more... but they were all just looking at me, trying to pet me and stuff... Funny, you wouldn't think a pack of wolves would be so nice.

It was a real fun day at the park and I hope we can go again real soon... I even promise to let Papi take better pictures of me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm still here

Sorry I have not blogged much lately, but stuff has been going on at the house that makes me sad. My Papis are going to not be living together soon any more, and that gives me a big sad. Papi S told me that it's not easy, but that sometimes Papis move apart because even though they still like each other, it's not enough. I'm not sure what that realy means because I love them both so very much I don't know why it's different... but Papi S says this is for the better of us all and so I will believe him.

Papi S has been working very hard lately on our new place. He says I will love it... I am sure I will, I just hope all of my friends know to visit me and Papi S there and continue to visit Papi D too. And maybe some times Papi D might take care of me if Papi S has to go away. That would be nice. Sure would!

So I am still here, just a little sad is all...