Saturday, February 28, 2009

I have a new Cousin!

Papi S. just got off the phone with Uncle Marty. And guess what?! I have a new Cousin!!!!

His name is Wembley, and he moved into his new home with Uncle Marty, next Friday March 6th. I can't wait for a Puppy Play Date!

Mr Magoo

Like I talked about earlier my Papis were at the CSPCA today helping out with the newly arrived puppy mill doggies. They gave me a lot of hugs when they got home and told me about a very special doggie they met... his name is Mr. Magoo.

This is what they told me about him...

He is very small. Smaller than me even!. And he has no eyes.

It's unclear if he was born without them or if this was caused by neglect. He also has an open molera or "softspot' on the top of his head (a not completely uncommon health issue in Chihuahuas that are purebred and ... inbred), their skulls don't entirely fuse. But Mr. Magoo's is larger than normal, which means he needs to be handled with extra special care. He will be held for observation for a few weeks before they decide to advance him for adoption. They want to be certain that he does not suffer from seizures or other complications from this.

In the meantime, now at least he is receiving that specialized care.

Mr. Magoo is just one of over 60 dogs just rescued at the Montréal SPCA (on Feb 27th 2009)

Mr. Magoo along with his mill-mates need help. You CAN help him and many others... To find out how go here ...

It's easy and takes only a moment of your time.

I am very proud of Mr Magoo and prouder still that even after all he had been through, and all he will continue to have to fight against, he is still a very proud Chihuahua. My Papis told me they both held him and kissed him and help to make him happier and warmer. They told me he wagged his tail and he snuggled into their arms... which I know from experience is one of THE best places on earth.

I know that Mr. Magoo will be as lucky as I was and that some nice person or people will meet him and take him home and love him for always and forever.

Santiago's heroes

I have a lot of heroes, and two of 'em are my Papi's...

Another is my Godmother Nat and a friend of hers too...

And then there is Uncle Marty...

All of them today went to volunteer their Saturday afternoon at the CSPCA because they just received over 60 more doggies, just like me that came from a Puppy Mill. These people are very very very very nice... and I salute them!

I look at the pictures of these doggies and it's hard for me to think back to when I was in there place, in a safe warm place with food and water and people who are looking after me, but still with no home. And worse still when I think of where they came from before the shelter. I still have nightmares sometimes when I think about it.

Please help them. Volunteer your time, foster or adopt a doggie, fight against Puppy Mills, or donate. (you can do all of them too. It's good for your heart... and the doggies to)

Thank you!

Saturday Mornings

That's what I'm talking about!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Belly Rub

Who wants a belly rub?

I want a belly rub!

I said I want a belly rub damn it!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Kissed a Girl...

...and I liked it.

3 amigos



I had my first Puppy Play Date today with Señor Chachi and Señorita Flea.

We had a great afternoon playing... and of course sniffing butts. What?! It's what dogs in genteel society do when meeting and greeting each other. And seeing as I was visiting them I allowed them first sniff...

...then Chachi got the cold nose! hehe

I, of course gave Señorita Flea a private viewing...

We has a wonderful day, aside from a few minor mishaps... well, the Papis say 'mishaps', I say I was just signing the guest book ;-) And we all watched some Dog Whisperer on the TV... the three of us and Papi S., Papi D., Señor Corn and Señora N@.

Can't wait to play with them again! Next time, here at mi casa!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Puppy Love for Papis

Happy Valentine's Day, Papi D.

Happy Valentine's Day, Papi S.

I love you very much.
Je vous aimes.
Te amo, muchos.

Valentine Wishes...

I'd like to send a valentine to all my doggie friends...

For Cole and Porthos...

For Karma...

For Senor Wizz...

For Chachi...

And for Flea...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Santiago el cazador

So I'm starting to get a hang of all the 'play with toys' stuff.

You know it's difficult because up until two months ago I didn't know what a toy was, and even if I did, well there was no room to play, especially to play fetch. That's sorta sad, but the good thing is I DO have toys now, and I CAN play with them... especially fetch...

And the best part is after playing Fetch I get to enjoy my 'kill' ...


It isn't easy hunting Raccoon but my Papis say I'm getting real good at it!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sweet Dreams are made of this... are Saturdays with Papi D.