Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 amigos



I had my first Puppy Play Date today with Señor Chachi and Señorita Flea.

We had a great afternoon playing... and of course sniffing butts. What?! It's what dogs in genteel society do when meeting and greeting each other. And seeing as I was visiting them I allowed them first sniff...

...then Chachi got the cold nose! hehe

I, of course gave Señorita Flea a private viewing...

We has a wonderful day, aside from a few minor mishaps... well, the Papis say 'mishaps', I say I was just signing the guest book ;-) And we all watched some Dog Whisperer on the TV... the three of us and Papi S., Papi D., Señor Corn and Señora N@.

Can't wait to play with them again! Next time, here at mi casa!

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